Sec 33 x 34 blaine county for sale

i have 5.8 acres in sec 34, and 76 acres in 33, leased at 1/8, lots of offers comming in ,with the highest at 5,500 per acre. is that a fair price?

Probably not. Which Township and Range? There are many 33 & 34 in Blaine.

township 14, rannge13

You have activity coming your way, so that is why all the interest. You are surrounded by horizontal wells, so whomever is offering is betting that you will get some activity soon and they want a piece of it hoping that you are not informed. Read the last six months of the Blaine county discussions and look up the Q1 and Q2 investor presentations of Newfield, Continental Resources, Marathon, Devon and Cimarex and you will get a feel for what is going on. I am not selling any of my minerals in Blaine or Kingfisher.

Continental has several pooling and spacing orders in on the docket for that range and township. I own land in the same area and have been tracking the docket orders as they become available.