Sec 33/34 blaine county?

I own about 75 acres in blain county sec 33/34,and have 2 offers of $4000 per acre, from raintree,and shiner. thinking about selling cause i need the $$. what do i need to know?

and do i need a lawyer to help me sell????

What township/range?

Do you need $300K or just $150K. You do not need to sell all you own.

Also for the amount of acreage you own, you should be able to negotiate a higher price per acre. I did a quick look at the price per acre around the Winter Family Trust acreage and it appears to be higher than your current offers.

We have a section in 35 that I have seen offers for 9000 an acre. And, it seems to be going up. R. Story gave great advise to sell a few acres and hold on to some.

township 14,range 13 w.i.m.

thats good news! just want a fair price.

Contact Echo. They've been offering higher amounts.

$10,000+/acre is more in line. Remember capital gains because the IRS certainly will.

they are working on a offer right now thanks,would they be the most straight up guys to deal with???

I'm not sure Echo is the most straight up guys to deal with, but they tend to offer the most.

This is correct, set aside 15% of the total sale price and immediately send it to the IRS to cover the capital gains tax.