I received a lease offer from Bivins Land Service on behave of Mackey Consulting regarding proposed well Lady Jane #1-33 in the SW/4 of 33-28n-5w to test the Skinner formation approx depth of 3,100’. Does anyone know of this company and have info on activity in this sec. Last activity in my records was in 2012. Bivins offer is for 3/16 with $50. bonus. The offer letter stated that Mackey will file pooling application soon

Bivins Land Services is doing contract work for Mackey. Bivins has been around for a while. There were older wells in the area, but no longer active. Shallow gas wells. The offering price indicates gas. No current leasing in the area. You can lease, you can stall and wait for pooling. If you lease, I would get a depth clause (among a few other clauses) and make sure there were no post production charges on the gas processing.

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