Sec.32, T3N, R12E

I need to see if any of the minerals I inherited are in Sec.32, T12N, R12E, Pittsburg, Co.

What makes you think you own minerals in that section? Did you inherit? Do you have an ancestor’s name?

You can search your name or that of your ancestors in Pittsburg county here: Pittsburg County | | County Clerk Public Land Records for Oklahoma Records are indexed back to 1990.

You can search for court and probate records here: (site seems to be down at the moment).

If you need a probate, Some information here:

Sir, I am trying to find what happened to my grandmothers minerals, I suspect my brother may have inherited himself the royalties he’s kinda shady. they are located in Pittsburgh County, OK. My grandmother was, “Viola Featherston Wilson” it would be Sec.31&32, T3N, R12E Pitts. Co.

There are at least four records for her on

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