Sec 32; 9N,4W Should I sell?


I have had a few offers on this property and leasing offers however, I am currently months away from completing a 2 year extension with my last lease. Would it be wise to sell?


I wouldn’t ask for advice about selling on this site. Most will all say absolutely not, because someone somewhere got 25k an acre, or something crazy.

It all depends on what your offers are and how long your willing to wait to make some money.


Im not in a rush or hurting for the cash. my last offer was 8K per acre. My sister owns the same amount in the same area and she got an offer somewhere in the 20k range she says. For some reason all of my offer letters are going to her house. I am not sure why. I guess I will hold out and see what happens. After reading some of these, I am inclined to agree with you!


Cole"s answer sounds right. We are older and decided to sell. Contacted an attorney that is negotiating offers for us