Sec 31, 3N 5W

Hello all ! Have been reading this forum for a while but now a newbee member. Does anyone have any information or know where to go to find Marathon's drilling activity in the area. We signed a lease with them earlier this year for our minerals in Sec 31, 3N 5W. Many thanks for any help.

Raymond, There is no activity yet in sec 31 but Marathon as well as Continental and Newfield have a lot going on in that township. The link below is to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission website. It is a little difficult to navigate but once you learn your way around you can access the databases and follow the application process that leads up to a drilling permit. If you need help just holler!

I received a letter a few days ago from marathon as well, this was the first time i have received anything on drilling in this section, we have mineral rights in section 32, i am surprised i never have received info before.