Sec 31&32 4n6w

my lease of 3 years and 2 year option is about to expire. 2 years ago I was being courted by numerous land men, but now that it is time no responses. Can anyone explain? Thanking you in advance don

Your sections are in the very deep gas of the Woodford and not in the preferred drilling area of that township.

Thank you so much for your feedback. Not exactly what I wanted to hear. 2 years ago I had offers for up to $4000 an acre for 3 years. I was shocked that continental didn’t try to release.


Does S 29 4N 6W fall in that same category? My lease is up in June.


Yes, you are also in the deep gas area. Not saying it won’t get drilled someday, but probably not at current gas prices.

I would like to contact you if you have interest in a one time consult.