Sec 30 - 9 North - 4 West


Greetings, all. I’m seeing people chatting in here about getting offers to buy or lease acreage in:
Sec 24 - 9 N - 4W,
Sec 32 - 9 N - 4 W,
Sec 35 - 9N - 4 W, and I got a call today from Bunker Energy re:
Sec 30 - 9 N - 4 W.
Can anyone please give me some general background on this area? What companies have been drilling – or at least leasing or buying – this “9 N - 4 W” McClain County acreage? For what kind of oil or gas production? At what kinds of prices? I assume that an initial cold phone call offering to buy our acreage at $4,000/acre – is a low-ball offer? Thanks!


EOG resources is doing a lot of drilling in the area. I have seen lease rates from 2500 to 4000 acre in the area around you. Purchase price should be worth more than 4000/acre. EOG is not in the business of drilling dry holes.


Had an offer of $7000.00 per acre @ 16/9n/4w. Turned it down.


Hello ! May I ask was the 7000 and offer to lease or buy? I had an offer to lease different section - but same township and range. Thank you


To buy.


Thank you !


may i ask who the offer was from ?