Sec 30-7N-6W

Does anyone know if a well has been drilled there or if one is proposed in the near future. I am getting letters to buy this acreage for $2000.00 per acre even though it is already leased.

Hi Loyd-No, the section has not been pooled yet. Continental will be the one to ask for the Pooling hearing and then they will permit a well. With the activity in the area and shortage of rigs it may be a while before all that happens. The nearest well is in Section 29 just east of 30 and it is the Continenta Dana and it tested at 2.5 million and day with 87 barrels of oil a day. The Township 7N-6W is getting a lot of attention along with the one just north of it and the one to the south is begining to pick up. The trend is stretching SE towards Lindsay.

There are better offers than you have received. I received the same one at $2000 an acre and had an earlier one at $2400 an acre.