Sec 30 5N 5 W have a question

Just received my Sheridan September check. Grady Section 30 5N 5W. Wow! It’s down more than 1,000.00. Could this be a typo, or just restructuring? Anyone have any insights? Thank you!

A fairly steep decline is very normal on a horizontal well. Might be that or it might be nearby horizontal wells being hydraulically fractured. They may have shut in close wells to protect them. Could be a decline in prices or all three at the same time.

Continental just recently bought some if not all of Sheridan’s holdings in there according to an assignment and bill of sale filed in Grady County.

Do you know which sections they bought? Is there somewhere I could look up this information? I am interested in Section 10-5N-W5.

Thank you.

They did not buy anything in section 10 That section is currently being drilled by Camino

You can register, free of charge, at and look up Grady County. They will only charge if you print copies.

Todd M. Baker

I appreciate your response.