Sec 29 & 32 T11N-R08W

We have recently discovered that payments have been made to the state of Texas in the name of a deceased family member and his deceased wife. We have found two integration applications filed with the AOGC seeking integration of their interest for two wells. We have not been able to find deeds where they owned property or had mineral rights transferred to them. We have found tax records in their name with the Tax Collector of Cleburne County. Any advice on locating relevant information or deeds? We have death certificates and one birth certificate, but no files on them having land or mineral rights.

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If you can trace down the operators of the wells through the data you have, the operators have done a division order title search and they may be willing to give you a copy of the paragraph that pertains to your relatives.

Copies of the deeds or the probate information that gave them title “should” be filed in the county where the minerals are located. Not always there, but that is a place to start. If the minerals are in Texas, you might start your deed hunt on Looks like they may not be and are in Arkansas, so you can start by looking for the wells on: Arkansas Oil & Gas Commission Many counties across the country have their files online, not sure about Arkansas. Maybe someone on the forum can comment.

When SEECO was the operator, I reached out to them and they were not willing to give any information other than to tell me that I needed to file certain affidavits and such. Flywheel Energy now operates the wells, but I have not reached out to Flywheel. I was told by AOGC that per the Arkansas AG, division orders are not a matter of public record.

Division Orders are private to the company. Try again with Flywheel and see if you can find out exactly what they need to put the heirs back into payment. The state of Texas may need different requirements.

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