Sec 29 0N1 05W ?'s

I give. I’ve had several purchase offers for my few acres, and cannot figure out what’s happening here. The Wilkins 1-29 started paying in 2015, mostly gas. Then is looks as if there have been some stops and starts on more wells, but I can’t follow it all. Several factors tempt me to sell. Does anyone know more or can point me to updated info about this section?

Could search either by Lease Name or Legal Description . I try first one then the other when I am looking around.

When using Legal ONLY PUT IN : Section Township Range .

There’s another site to look at but it has many many many listings and takes a long time to sort through it all, I am told.

This one is Another good place to look around to see what is going on also.

Easy to use.

Thanks for responding, John. I’m not a novice, but I’m sure no expert, either. I use the sites you mention but in this particular issue I still can’t make heads nor tails of what Continental is doing. My interest is in 29 1N 5W, but they have drilled one well from Sec 20 that shares royalties 50/50. It spud last summer but I can’t find a completion report. They are have a permit for 20, which also shares with 29. That permit expired last November and I can’t find if they drilled, asked for a delay, or anything else.

So-it looks as if this section either is or is not going to see some activity. If it’s soon, I’ll be delighted. If it’s a multi-year mystery I would consider selling for a fair price. Plenty of room for more wells, but definitely not the sweet spot for oil…unless someone knows much more than I. Which is a pretty sure bet.

LB, given you are an OF RECORD, I’D CALL Continental and ask what’s going on. They have a Customer Relations Department. If no one answers the phone, then leave a detailed message along with your Phone Number. Someone will promptly return your call. ALSO,I’d , call the OCC to find out what is in their files about what is going on. If asked the OCC will mail copies of what they have Free of charge. They will even pay the Postage !!

LB, looks like Section 20 was PLUGGED. If I am reading what’s listed correctly.

Read all posted reports for that well. Looking like since it was plugged there aren’t any Completion Reports.

LB, I AM confused too. After looking at the Wilkerson listed under 2901n05w all I saw was date of First Sale. Top right hand corner of form 1016 listed down towards the very bottom of the page.

There’s two (2) 1016’s listed and I looked at both of those.

LB, using 29 & 20 on the PUN I saw the Wilkinson & Callaway respectively both of which were and are Producing.

Yep.I’ve looked at all of that, and can’t figure anything out. I can only find info about Sec 29 by inputting Sec 20 01N 05W, and it does appear that one or two very new wells were plugged. There IS another Permit to Drill on 29 & 32 that expired in Dec., but I find nothing at all about what happened there. I ran across Continental’s application for multi-unit wells in 29 & 32 which is dated 1/29/18 (Cause #201706328). I haven’t seen any additional filings or paperwork from them since then. Hence my confusion. I’ll try calling soon. Thanks for your help.

It can be confusing. The OCC well records site posts from the surface location, so you often have to hunt one or two sections away.

Wilkins M1-29-32XH has a surface location in 20 went through 29 and BH in 32. 35-137-27539 . It was plugged July 2, 2018. However, Wilkins M1R-29-32XH was the Replacement permit filed in June of 2018 and expired in Dec 2018. No spud date seen in section 20 yet.

Hundley 1-20-29XH has surface location in 20 and goes south into 29. 35-137-27133. Spud in Dec 2013 and online in April 2014. Hundley is still online. Gas well looks like it will be a nice one for a long time if not mechanical difficulties.

Wilkins 1-29H was spud in July 2014 and online by late November 2014. SL in 29 BH in 29. Still online. Nice gas well which should last for a long time if no mechanical difficulties.

Martha, thank you. I receive payment for the Wilkins 1-29H. I’ve never heard of the Hundley 1-20-29XH so I called Continental and am told they have no record or knowledge of that well in Sec 29. Is that well not seen in 2901N05W where the Wilkins is? I asked to be updated, but who knows…

My bad. The original name of the Hundley well had 29 in it and was supposed to bo all the way into 29. It apparently stopped at the 20 border. I looked up the permit, but not the final completion. Sorry about that.

No bad. You are a queen. I talked to Continental and they clarified the Hundley. They did not, however, explain the multiple purchase offers for 2901N05W. Wilkins 1-29H @ 5 years along is paying a bit. Someone knows something or someone has $ enough for future bets?

Lots of room for future wells if they choose to do it…