Sec 28-8N-4W Curry 2833 #6H

Trying to get an understanding of how much of the property do I own. I guess that’s the right way to put it. My father had purchased the rights many years ago and EOG found me and now I’m getting the royalties. So I’m very new to this.


If EOG contacted you, then they have done a rigorous title search in order to put you into payment status. Contact the Division Order department and ask them very nicely for the paragraph of the title opinion that states how many net acres you have, the description of the acres and what the royalty is. Also ask for a copy of the lease or the pooling document that gives the royalty. Make sure that you name and address are filed in the McClain County Courthouse along with the description of the acreage.

Look at your check stub. If you are getting paid on #6, you are likely getting paid on the other horizontal wells in the section. Make sure you save your check stubs for seven years just in case the IRS asks questions. The Curry wells were spud from section 21.

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