Sec 27-10N-8W, Sec 26-10N-8W, Sec 32-10N-7W any activity?

I have a unique situation. Our mineral rights are held in a family LLC. I am not the manager and do not currently negotiate the leases. We have mineral interests in Sec 27-10N-8W, Sec 26-10N-8W, and Sec 32-10N-7W. I have negotiated leases in the past, before we formed the LLC, but really had no idea what I was doing.

How do I educate myself regarding what to look for in a lease? How can I find out if wells are being drilled in our sections or surrounding sections? I grew up in Minco and now live out of state. I’ve reached out to some friends who have mineral rights in the area, but they feel as ill-equipped to deal with these issues as I am.

Gaedeke has Spacing and Pooling Applications filed with OCC in Section 32-10-7 which presumably you should have copies. If not, I can send CD numbers for you to look up and follow applications.

Lawrence, I sent you a friend request. Please accept so we can correspond privately.