Sec 26 2S 4W and Sec 35 2S 4W Stephens County

Anyone receiving any offers on either of these Sections. Received a offer form Bearcat but will shop around.

There are a lot of pooling orders pending in the surrounding sections that will be a very good indications.

I am seeing my offers comin in about half of what Bearcat used to offer. Tho I have not even gotten a PEPPER order from the lawyer on that land..the one's I have gotten for sec 33/2S/4W in Stephens have been about 500.00 to 750.00 thru Bearcat, and they're not answering calls much anymore..used to be my fav...Their Landmen have taught me just about what little I know, but I'm venturing out..Fillmore's offerin 800$ for 3/16...I like a new company called blackacre, which I am fixin to try out...2500.00 and 18.75% per acre for same sec.