Sec 25-16w-13n frankie jo well

Continental completed this multi unit well on July 2nd.. the corporation commission website showed the well as complete and first sale of product on the same day.. however there were no production amounts for either oil or gas.. does anyone know why or how to get these figures.. i have noticed since that several wells are listed without production amounts..anyone know why?

The completion reports are usually made public about four months after first sales. It takes at least a month to get oil info back and gas info runs two months behind due to lots of reasons and then paperwork and posting time. Sometimes, they are quicker, but not often. A working interest owner may find out sooner, but the general royalty owner has to wait until the public posting. Very normal.

Thanks, M Barnes, i am just wondering because i own 10 acres minerals in sec 25 and was offered $10500 per acre to sell, which i turned down.. just trying to see if i made a good decision?

Friend me with the blue icon to the left and I can walk you through why you probably did make a good decision.

Was the offer unsolicited and from who?

Yes it was and it was from Echo energy.. also got $8500 offer from a company from Ardmore yesterday.