Sec. 24 - 3 North - 7 West-Grady County

Recently received a letter of offer to buy mineral rights from AEGIS, Energy Partners, LLC. My ownership is currently not leased. Having searched for activity in Grady County, can someone advise as to whether selling rights is a wise move? Have held these for multiple years and not sure how to move on this. Thanks for your help.

Hi, Sue.

Hopefully there's someone here with specific information on the area you're inquiring about. I suggest, though, that you'll find quite a few discussions on the more general topic of selling or keeping Grady County mineral holdings all throughout the Grady County Discussion forum (often in response to similar questions posted with section-specific thread titles, just as you've done). It would be worth your while to look around the threads here.


Thank you for your response, Rudy.

As i have read many times in the Grady Co forum...depends on you rneeds and acreage.....all of the suggestions are dont sell, but if you must, sell some but not all???

Thank you M Denney.

I am not seeing anything going on in your area at all. Aegis sends out a lot of letters offering to buy minerals, but I have never talked to them personally. I have sent them letters when I was taking bids on selling some clients minerals and never received a bid from them.

As previously said below, if you need the money this is probably the tract I would sell since there is no activity. However, that means it is not worth much either. If I didn't need the money I would keep it in my portfolio to maybe sweeten a deal if I needed to sell later. None of us know what the future holds.

Thank you, Darla Charlow Ragland, for your response. I appreciate your time and commentary.