Sec 2 8N 9W Caddo County

Still new to this. I got an offer of $750ac 3/16th 3 yr term. Is this the going rate at this time.

I moved this over to the Caddo County area. Read the threads in that County. I always ask for what they are offering for 1/5th and 1/4 just to see what they say. I also ask who is going to be the operator, when are they planning to drill, what type of well-vertical or horizontal, when is the pooling scheduled and anything else I can think of. There have not any leases filed in this section in at least three years, so this seems to be the beginning of leasing. I usually hold back until it gets more serious. If you are new to leasing then you would be wise to get a good oil and gas attorney to look over any draft lease and make edits. Drafts are hardly ever in the mineral owner’s favor.

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