Sec. 2, 7N, 4W

Received a filing in the mail about increased well density in Sec. 2, 7N, 4W in McClain County. Native Exploration is asking for 4 more wells. I own both acreage and mineral rights in this area so what does this mean?

Thanks for the help!

It means they are going to drill 4 more wells.

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The filing will give you the details on the four wells. They will also give a tentative hearing date. You can look up the case(s) on the OCC and get the exhibits close to the hearing date. Those will show the estimated ultimate recovery and tentative well paths. Sit back and wait. You do not have to do anything. These are courtesy information filings. If you have surface, then you may get additional information if they wish to use your acreage for a surface location. In that case, you need an oil and gas attorney to help you get a good surface lease which is different than your mineral lease.

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