What is going on in SEC-2-6N-4W and Newfield?



It looks like they recently published a completion report for a well in there The Ryan 1H-26XX.

What is your specific question? Or tells us what you know and we’ll try to fill in the blanks. :slight_smile:


Thank you Mr Howell and the attachment is what I was hoping for. How might I find out if other wells are planned from that well pad? I was recently sent a DO and have returned it Newfield. I am all but new to Oklahoma Mineral Rights.


Newfield completed 2 wells that are located in Section 2. Lohman 1H-2X is in S2 & S11, Ryan 1H-26XX is in S2, S35 & S26. First sales for both was in Dec of 2017.


Cheryl is correct, I missed that one.
Here is the completion report

Bob, you DO will show the name of the well.
You will get another DO for the additional well and your decimal interest will be different.


Hi Cheryl and Rick, Thank you very much for the very helpful information.