Sec 2- 6N 4W Lohman Well

Newfield Production. Anyone have any info on this well? Thanks

They are reporting production You can search here PUN #: 087-222679-0-0000 In addition to that it produced oil in barrels March 9900, April 7500, May 6500.

Thank you Rick, Great Help!

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Does anyone know the information for looking up production on the > > > Newfield Hedrick 1H-1XX which was drilled in 2016 with a surface location in 36-7N-4W south into 1, 12 and 13 6N-4W

We have been getting revenue for about a year. Newfield shorted us 5NMA in sec 12 and admit the error. It has been around one year and no correction. 12% will be steep. All I get from Peter Burns is that it will be corrected. He still acknowledges the mistake. Communicated last month. All production info is on OCC site.

Tom_Ed Where do you get oil production information on the OCC? All I find is gas.

Thanks in advance for the info.

JD, I find the best source is the Oklahoma Tax Commission. You can search by the API number or the PUN. You should keep both of these in your records for future use. The API number is 3508722042 It breaks down as State=35 and County =087 so in most Oklahoma based databases, you may have to drop the 35.
Here is a link to the OTC Site: This particular site will use the format of 087-22042 in the API field The PUN is 087-217607-0-0000 The data here will lag 5-6 months. The OCC has gas info “IF” the well is classified as a gas well. Sometimes you will find more recent info there. They also publish reports of oil sales. However the data is not indexed and in any database. It is a bit more difficult to find and look up, but it will usually have oil sales lagging 2-3 months depending on the reporting party.