Sec 2 &11 7N 7W

I own property and minerals both in these sections. I have been told by a neighbor who is negotiating with Continental for a drill pad that the drilling has to be from South to North here due to the dip of the formation. He is at the south end of Sec 11. However, I was told by the company rep from another drilling company that wants to drill on my place near the half section line of Sec11, that they can go north and south. Can someone explain how this works?

Oklahoma has gone through some large thrusting seismic events over its history. That has caused a general stress grain on the rocks that gives natural fractures that are oriented roughly east west (dependent upon where you are in the state). Horizontal wells drain more efficiently if they are drilled perpendicular to this natural fracture system. Wells in Grady can be drilled north to south or south to north depending upon the ideal surface location and underlying faults. They may also pick the direction depending upon where the closest road is so they don’t have to build a new one. You will notice rigs on both sides of an east west road, with wells on the the north side having surface pads close to the road and drilling from south to north and then wells on the other side of the road drilling north to south. Drainage is the key factor.

Thanks for the reply. Is there a map or diagram that depicts the dip of the formation in 7N7W and thereabouts? My Geology is rusty, but still applicable…I would really like to understand more about the process.

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I just posted some maps and aritcles over in the Woodford Shale category. Check the thesis by Brian Castro out of OU.

He’s done a lot of work, if I recall he did a bunch in the Arkoma about 5-10 years ago.

I have heard a couple of his talks. Very good work.

I found the poster for the 2004 NETL maps, but haven’t found a ‘public’ link tt he actual research paper and exhibits.

I have a bunch of maps on my computer, just need to figure out which are copyrighted/licenses, which are created, and which are in public domain.then will upload.

Are you putting everything in the Woodford Shale room?

I am putting in the Woodford Shale room right now. Asked Kenny to change the name of the Anadarko Woodford to just Anadarko Basin, so we can upload the files by horizon into the Basin. Same for Arkoma, Ardmore, Marietta, etc.

I Googled the NETL-E2S and found the Mississippian one online in a public space. There has got to be a whole set of them. Nice Unita basin ones as well.