Sec 19 1n-1w Garvin county

It was stated that a pad was set on sec 19 1n-1w. Does anyone know if a rig has been erected. Thanks for any info.

That pad is probably the surface location for the James Trust 1-24-23XHW. No spud notice yet. Someone local see a rig yet?

M. Barnes, I have a spudding question. On two of the Marathon well locations where they are drilling two wells on each pad, one set said it was spudded the end of May and the other pair the first of July. When they say spudded, would it have been by the main drilling rig or a small spudding rig? I have seen other comments on the forum that has said a company will use a spudding rig to start the well but may not do the horizontal drilling for many months or years down the road! That is what is concerning me on my wells! Can you educate me on this? Thank you, Tom

Tom-to be useful your question has to be asked in light of the specific lease commencement language. For example, if you have a lease that defines the commencement of drilling in terms of having a rig capable of reaching TD on the unit, then a rat-hole rig won’t suffice. It is a question for a lawyer with your lease in hand.

Frank’s answer is correct.

The only way to know about the right is to be a participant in the well or have seen the activity personally. When does your lease expire if that is the concern?

TODD. They will be drilling from sec 19 1n-1w to sec 23 and 24 in 1n-2w. My mineral rights are on sec 23 1n-2w. That is why I would like info. Thanks

I would say they are drilling a well for your section.