Sec 18 and 19 T156 R99

Just need some overall info of the activity in this area. Got an offer for 10,000/acre

Williams County North Dakota Township 159 North Range 100 west Section 32 SW/4 13.3333 acres plus my Aunts that passed away that she left to my father he is passed away as well

Don’t even think about selling. We own just a couple of miles west of you also in the East Fork field. In the past year 3 more wells were drilled (to make 4 total) and the monthly revenue has been equal to the entire original bonus paid to us by the landman. Most of those units are destined for 20+ wells. No one is willing to pay you 10k an acre if they didn’t think it was worth 10x’s that.

Chris_Clark Thank you so much for the info. Do you know if those wells will be touching my area or are they too far away? Do I need to contact whoever is drilling?

Define “good acreage”

Anything else group?

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