SEC 15-19N-18W offers

our family has 15 NMA and are seeking offers. Has anyone had experience with Prairie Oil and Gas? They have made an offer.

I leased minerals to Prairie Oil and Gas. I found them professional and their follow through was great. They verified title quickly and delivered payment exactly as they promised. I'd do business with them again.

Good to hear. Thank you for the response.

Hi Don

We have 10 NMA in Section 15 and want to sell. We live in Texas and really have no idea on value. Neighborhood Royalties offered $2,000 per NMA to purchase, but I think it could be worth a little more than that. Can you share any knowledge of your experience.

We live in Ft. Worth, and are just getting started. We did get an offer a little over that from Prairie for purchase. They are in Oklahoma City.

Thank you for the help

Don: This section was recently pooled by Tapstone Energy. I didn’t see you name listed as a respondent. The Order was dated 2/14/2018 so the election period is over.

Todd M. Baker

Did you get the price you wanted for your 10 acres?

Todd M. Baker