Sec 15 06N 11E. Hughes County

I have 12.5 NMA and as far as I know, there is not an active lease. How do I find out if it is open?
Thank you,
Courtland French

It appears that the section has a producing gas well, operated by XTO Energy (Delores 1-15H, API#063-23944). It is spaced at 640 acres, meaning that the entire section is HBP unless your lease had a depth clause. I was unable to find a lease filed on their database searching under the last name "French". Do you know who you received it from or who would have been the owner when the well was drilled in 2008?

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I got it from Alvie French in 2013 He got it from Ralph T. French about 2005. Ralph bought it from Rick Daniels in 1995.

Yes, thank you for your reply.
I inherited from Alvie W. French in 2013. He inherited it from Ralph T. French in 2005 who bought it from Rick Daniels in 1995. That’s as far back as the online records at the court house go. I’m in Wyoming.
Thank you.
Another question, do oil company data bases trump deeds at the court house?