Sec 14/Township 16N /Range 11W___ Notice of Hearing

I just received and looks like an additional 63 more people, a Relief Sought by Highmark Resources LLC to establish a 640-acre horizontal drilling and spacing unit.

This is be in front of Administration Law Judge....

Is there something out of the norm for this?

Thanks to you knowledgeable folks that may be able to share what this really is....

Sounds like some really good news. We own 20 acres in Sec. 14 13N 12W and 40 acres in Sec.14 13N 12W both have horizontal wells with 3/16th royalties. We had received many offers from Echo and BCF over the past few months ranging from $5000 to $8100 an acre . I think that may be a little low for that area if I’m not mistaken


That is a bit low for the area. If you would like to discuss your offers please feel free to friend me (blue icon to the left) and I'd be happy to discuss further with you.


Cas Atchison, CPL


That is in fact very good news. Based on what you are saying it appears that Highmark is creating a unit and your minerals will be included in the unit. If you would like to discuss further please feel free to friend me (blue icon to the left). Congrats on the good news!

Have a good day,

Cas Atchison, CPL

Dear Mr Glasgow, you should get yourself a copy of the Oklahoma Royalty Owners' Handbook. You can download a free pdf from the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. This basic information can help you to understand what is happening and why. Highmark has a hearing date of December 19th for their applications (pooling, spacing and location exception). These legal applications will be decided by an "administrative law judge" (hearing officer) and then formally approved by the OCC. They become effective from the date signed by the secretary for the commission. Your cases have not been decided yet.

Thanks to all...