Sec 14-26N-16 W Terri Sue 1H-14 info

Hi, after years of wrangling, my grandfathers minerals are finally being probated in OK. We have been forced pooled for a year now with Midstates and I was hoping to find out what kind of production is going on there at the moment. I cant seem to find anything current online or get ahold of anyone at the company and am new to all of it. I don’t know how to find out answers. Thank you.

You can get the production at least back to October 2017 from the OK tax site. Type in 14 26N 16W and choose Terri Sue by selecting the blue PUN numbers. You can get a nice report. They are only showing about 12 months of production and are months behind, but you can get a good idea. If you want more, you can order it for a price. That is for the Terri Sue 1H-14 C

The well information will be posted on the OCC well site in section 11 since that is where the surface pad is. Several Terri Sue wells go north and one goes into 14. Type 1126N16W into this one.

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Thank you so much. I have seen those but they aren’t current. And I guess I need to subscribe. I’m not yet in the system for midstates so they can’t tell me anything yet.

Most of the public websites are months behind. Not unusual.