Sec 13, T25N, R16W Woods, Co,OK

Info needed on leases, bonus amounts, wells and production S13,T25N,R16W Woods Co. or nearby sections\properties. Received two contacts regarding leasing yet we have been receiving couple minor cks a year for a long time. I checked OCC site today and it has no reported production for at least 3 yrs. If there’s no production why are we getting checks and we really need to find out what bonus rates have been for the area the last couple of years. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Your revenue check stub should show the name of the well. Maybe the Olson Bixler #1-13?

Thanks Todd, It is the O B #1-13 but we’re getting inquires to lease. Stubs show minimal production yet OCC doesn’t show any production being reported. Why would companies offer to lease when there is an old lease and we are getting paid? I’m sure the owners would love to get a release and find another company but haven’t seen any movement on that yet!.

You may be getting back pay or adjustments from an old well. Look at the dates of the production. If they have not been producing for three years then most likely the lease has expired. Some leases have provisions for a minimal amount to be paid to keep the lease. Since you are receiving lease offers from new companies, I’m guessing there is not an active lease on that section. And while you are at it, you are welcome to send them to me if they would like a controlling interest in my recently unleased land in Sec. 3-24-15W.