Sec.13 6N 5W Grady County

I have had a couple of offers on this mineral right. Not sure what the going rate to sell is? Does anyone know if there is activity in this area?

Recent mineral sell in that section went for $5,000/acre :astonished:. Not sure of the royalty rate, but I don’t think the royalty owners knew what they had :thinking:.

Casillas has an increased density case approved for an additional three horizontal wells in section 13 (that would be a total of four horizontal wells). That is why you are getting offers. Make sure you have your name and address properly filed in the county courthouse in Grady. You should have gotten mailings from Casillas.

If you did not get them, you should call Casillas. Here are the case numbers. 2022-001154, 1155, 1157, 1158 and 2299. Pay special attention to 2299 because it is a pooling case. No final order for the pooling case yet.