Sec 11 T8N R5W


Anyone know what’s going on in this section? Was told it had been fracked, also original oil company I leased to sold to 89 Energy LLC and then told they merged with Camino. I can’t get information or call backs or even know the name of the companies afte[quote=“Mary_Petersdorf, post:1, topic:1562, full:true”]
Hi Everyone,
After 20+ years of living in the dark, I’m just beginning to learn about the mineral interests I inherited and how to protect myself in leasing them. Because of my own ignorance, I’ve been an easy mark for unscrupulous landmen but no more!
With this in mind, I read in another discussion that all of Section 35 in Grady was leased. I have just a bit in that section and I wonder how I can get more information.
I also wonder how to find out whether any revenue is being held in suspense for anything in Grady or in the 30 other Oklahoma counties where I have interests.
Any wisdom, guidance, etc., would be much appreciated.
Many thanks,

r merge.


That well has been producing about a month.
89 Energy is the current Operator of record.
Production information should show up in the next couple of months.
First payment is due within 6 months of first production date (About 5/18/2018)

Unclaimed property search
and the state in which you reside. You also should search the state of residence for the “owner of record” as the companies have to submit to the state of residence. If unknown it should go to the state of incorporation of the company.
The company may be holding funds in suspense for some time before submitting them.

If you have properties in 30 counties, you have quite a bit of research in front of you to get it all of the records up to date and to research possible production on all of them.


Thank you for the information. I’e
Had a heck of time trying to get information.


I own approx 3 acres and was considering selling. Would you have any idea what my rights would be worth with a producing well on it? Vickie mckasson


That would be tough to say.

You might see what people are reporting offers at here:

A lot will depend on how that well produces. If they apply for an increased density to add wells, the price will go up quite a bit.


Hi Rick, how do I find out the name of that well? Or property name? I finally got an email from Camino who merged with 89 Energy, email said they would get back with me and yet again they are not. I was able to get the map of Grady Co. And all the wells bit need a name. I would appreciate any help. Thank you, Victoria Mckasson


API is 35-■■■■5 Garrard 0805 2-1XXHW
PUN #: ■■■■24-0-0000
Here is a copy of the permit to drill
Mary, I looked at the year wrong. It has been producing for over a year.
I do not see a completion report on this well.

Production history can be searched here using the above PUN. Gross Production

Eagle Transferred ownership to 89 Energy in Jan 2018. It is possible they have funds held in suspense at both companies. I see your name listed in the one application on the well, however it is as a representative of an Estate. I’d guess there are title issues holding payment in suspense.

Phone number filtering causing issues

It looks like the forum software is filtering the API and PUN numbers thinking it is a phone number.

API is 35 dash 051 dash 24095
PUN #: 05 dash 218824 dash 0 dash 0000

I’ll flag this to see if we can get changes made.


Thank you Rick, there’ has been a well on there for a very long time. We were getting royalties from the survice to 9600 ft. From United But they stopoed awhile bsck. The new lease is from 100 ft of that and below. I know they have me down as my late husbands rep but they are wrong. The ones who leased me was Consult energy and apparently they Did not do their homework and to tell the truth i had forgotten about it. I did believe it was only in johns name but From what I’ve found out my late husband put my name on the deed in 2001 I believe when he sold 3 of The 6 acres. The company im selling to told me this.So I do need to get this straight with 89-camino as soon as i get the deed and verified. One of The rare times I got to talk to someone from their was the first of May and was told they were almost completed with fracking and royalties will be sent in 4-6 months. You very well could be correct on the title issues and if so I sure wish they would communicate with me. It will get figured out i,m sure. Thank you so much you are awesome in helping me with this. I appreciate you more then you know, Vickie mckasson


Yes I’d gotten a reply from someone telling me how to calculate value after a email I’d sent you. But It’s all good. Thanks again


Rick, does it matter that my section is 11 and what you sent me is sec 2?


Oh Ok I get it sec 2 and sec 11. Hmm I need to get some answers concerning this.


If you are selling this, be very careful. There are people that will purchase the property and the deed will be worded so they get the benefit of any funds being held. That is fine as long as they are making you aware of it and compensating accordingly and mutually agreeable to both parties. Some fail to give full disclosure.

I don’t see it by doing a quick online search, but Grady Co records leave a lot to be desired.
I see where Natalia McKasson conveyed her ownership to him by in 1998 and 1/2 was sold in 2000.
Documents not being indexed correctly here is is pretty common.

Good luck!