SEC 11 T5N R3W and SEC15 T5N R3W

Hello all ~
I have inherited mineral rights in the above location but have no idea where to look for activity or status information. If someone could point me in the right direction, I would sincerely appreciate it.
Thank you, Peg

Since I've received no replies, I assume perhaps this is not the correct forum for information. If that's the case, please just let me know. Thank you.


Not sure how much experience you have with mineral rights. I am relatively new to it but this sight has given me a wealth of information. I have not seen any recent activity in 5N 3W but there is activity in 4N 4W in Garvin Cnty and 5N 4W in McClain county. It seems like it is gradually moving from west to east.

Oklahoma Energy Today has a daily list of Wells Permitted and Completed from the Oklahoma Corp. Comm.

And you can also find existing wells & permits using the attached website from OCC.

Sometimes I find it hard to weed thru the old wells to see what is current from this site but once you get the hang of it is useful.

Best advise is be patient and learn as much as you can to be ready when activity does start to happen in your area.

Ed Northrup


Thanks so much for your reply. Yes, I am completely new to all of this. It seems to be a steep learning curve, particularly with the lingo. However, the more I research, the more I seem to be picking it up. I have been poking around on the OCC website but did not know about the Oklahoma Energy Today website. I will be certain to check it out and appreciate the suggestion. I was very surprised to find that the name of one of the wells I'm interested in changed over the years which had put me at a slight disadvantage in my research. That may be common. I'm sure I will have more questions but am very glad I found this forum for those questions. Again, thank you for your help.


Peg, as you are getting familiar with the OCC website, you may not have found your way to this printable publication which was just updated in April. Lots of good info, including OCC database instruction and how to use the OK Tax Commission website to check a well's production, based on the most current 12 month volumes submitted by the reporting company.

Thank you Wesley - I've downloaded the publication. I'm certain it will be helpful.

Now that I'm beginning to find a little more information in my research, I see that Seacoast Production made an assignment to Eland Energy a couple of months ago which included the area in which I own some mineral rights. Does anyone know what this means, or what the relationship between Seacoast and Eland is? Perhaps Seacoast is simply another mineral owner?

I have found it helpful to see what wells are currently producing by looking at the tax records - Helpful to see what is going on in your area.

Put in your county and then your section. Good luck!

Thank you very much for your link. I had not found that particular search. I put in my search terms several times to make sure I was doing it correctly, but for some reason it does not seem to perform the search. I would think that even if there is no production in the area, it would still return something like "no records found." I also made sure my pop up blocker was not interfering. Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks for your time. I'm still learning.

Be sure to "Search by Legals", and don't specify "Quarter". I just checked and Sec 11 shows no record found, but Sec 15 has records on 18 wells, all but 2 are active and the others "plugged and abondened". If you want to see spacing and name of formation producing for a well, click on the Lease Legal tab. If this does'nt work, come back.

Also, have you found on the OCC site how to check the history of their well records on a section, or by an entire township, (using the wildcard symbol "%") ? A few of the OCC codes are 1000 (well drilling permit), 1001 (spud notice), and 2000 (completion report). You may already know all this, so enough for now.

I was unaware of the ability to check the history. Is that in the Well Browse Database? And I really appreciate that publication you pointed me to. That helped me understand how to plot the legal descriptions on my deed.

Good info above.

A number of old wells have been drilled in Section 11, and some have been plugged. The first question to ask is, are you currently receiving royalties on a well drilled in Section 11. If so, you might try to call the landman or division order analyst that works for the operator.

Next step is to determine the size and shape of the drilling and spacing unit applicable to your land. The Well Completion Reports, OCC Form 1002a, most often have the size and shape of the drilling and spacing unit depicted, and the spacing order numbers. You can look at the spacing orders on the OCC document imaging page when you know the order number. Some of the old orders are arcane.

11-5N-3W has three old wells which are no longer producing. 11 has some active leasing in 2017, so you want to make sure your name and address are listed at the county clerk's office so you get those leasing calls.

15-5N-3W as 15 wells, but depending upon your description you may not have had royalties from some of them. Your deed or documents should have an additional description with something like NW4 NW4, etc. That will narrow down the area to which wells belong to the tract. 15 has at least one new lease, so again, you need your name at the clerk's office. You will need to call to make sure you register it properly. You may be held by production there, so no new lease will be available until all old production ceases.

Great information - yes, I've been keeping an eye on the filings at the County Clerk's office and there have been several leases filed in Section 11 some of which cover areas just adjacent to the area I'm interested in (I think). The legal description in Section 11 says W/2 of SW/4 - it's all very confusing to me, but I have learned so much from the information posted here.

Everything you want to know about legal descritpions:

Or, if you are willing to spend more time reading:

Thanks so much. That USGS site is great.

Peg, you are a good example for us all! I feel like a lazy bum compared to your hard work and perseverence in researching. Good luck! p.s. very helpful comments from others, as well. Thanks Peg and all!

Here is a township map for McClain County

396-McClainCountyMap.pdf (344 KB)

Now this is extremely helpful. Thank you so much!