Sec 10-t11n-5w

Hi! I'm new to the scene, and I have questions! I've inherited rights, and recently received a notice to drill, as well as a lease proposal from Chaparral Energy. Please chime in to explain any of the following details, as I've only just begun to build a knowledge base about all of this:

1. The Commision will establish 640-acre horizontal drilling and spacing units for the Woodford and Hunton common sources.

2. Chaparral Energy operates the Wittkop 10-2 well, API #350172199. Where can I search production reports and lease information for this well?

3. What are the current leasing offers in this area?

4. How does leasing work? Here are my offers:

a. $1,000 per acre bonus and 1/8th royalty (87.50% NRI)

b. $800 per acre bonus and 3/16th royalty (81.25% NRI)

c. $500 per acre bonus and 1/5th royalty (80.00% NRI)

5. What does the NRI refer to?

6. My Uncle handled the estate, but I haven't received any correspondence. So I don't exactly know how much I own. Where can find out?

7. Can I look back to see activity on my mineral rights through 2012?

a. The rights passed from my Grandfather to my Grandmother (died in 2012), then to my mother (died in 2014), and finally to me.

b. I want to see if there has been any activity or any unclaimed royalties since 2012.

I'm at work and can't tackle all of these questions, but these offers suck. You can do probably 4 times those lease bonus numbers. My company quit buying in 11N-5W and 6W a couple months ago, but I know our tops were substantially higher than that.

Justin A,

How do I solicit better lease terms? I've never done this before. Should I type up and submit a counter offer? Is there a format or etiquette for do such a thing? Or should I call them?