Sec 10 grady co okla

if you filed a death and heirship put all your sibleing. on but some had sold can you refile and take them off

All heirs should be listed on the Affidavit regardless if they sold their interest. Anyone looking at the ownership will see the conveyance from your sibling to whoever they sold it to.

that would be landrun probley camino onsec 10 /5/5black mesa they brought the part my grandma left children of but are colecting ins on what is suppose to still be in my dads name this was all in trust at one time with annabell riley and lawrence gamble as trustees part is in my name but.they pooled my dad on they hide part of dads in with mine on do i cant keep up and dont know enough but dont want to pay pooling on prop i got aholt of you awhile back for help but only own a small amount i get very little ss so was worred about paying .i tried legal aid but they dont do oil and gas

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