Sec. 10 6N 6W orders


Anyone know of any orders approving springer well(s) in this section?


There are some applications in place for the Springer in that section.

Do own property there? If so you can keep an eye on the case numbers for an order to appear.


Hi Rick
Got 2 clr well proposals in the mail today for sec 10 Springer-one from above,one from below.
Must be a fault.
Looks like Springboard is full speed ahead!


John, Would that include Section 10, 5N-5W?




No, you are about 6 miles south and 6 miles east of me. You are in a great area also!
Good luck.


Thank you John.


what about 10 6n 5w?


Hi John,

You were asking about any orders approving springer wells, so if you received new an order was approved, what is the typical timing between an Order and a permit being issued? I am just trying to understand the process from an order being approved, a permit being granted and then the beginning of the drilling process which usually means digging the rathole.


Hi Joe, lots of variables involved but usually its pretty fast. On our Woodford well in 10-6-6 the drilling permit was issued just a few days after the order.



Thanks John! I guess then each scenario could be different. We have an Order back in April 2, 2018, but still no permit. There was an affidavit in June but didn’t really understand the purpose but to notify some people in Exhibit A which was not provided, so I could not understand the full purpose of the Affidavit and the delay in getting the permit. This is for 5-6-6.


Various orders do not result in a permit being issued. Orders are the result of Spacing, Pooling, Location Exception, Multi-Unit Horizontal,Increased Density and other applications. The permit process is separate although many of the application/orders usually are a prerequisite to the permit being. The operator files a form 1000 which is actually an application for drilling. An approved form 1000 becomes the “permit”.
So permit approval timing is not directly based on an order. It is more dependent on when the operator requests/submits a form 1000 that meets all of the requirements. From what I understand, their form 1000 submitting are usually tied to the rig schedule and where they are ready to devote the assets more than anything.

Starting about page 11 on this document you can see many of the things that is required to be submitted with the application.