Sec 1 Lea County

I have discovered that I own mineral rights in Lea County, Sec1-17S-37E. I have successfully recorded the Mineral Deed in my Trust’s name. There is a producing well. I would appreciate any advice on if it is possible to get a lease bonus, back pay, etc. Thanking in advance.

If the tract is producing, then there is already a lease and you will not be able to get a new lease bonus unless there are other acres not held by the current lease. You need to contact the operator and let them know that you are the new owner and get into pay status. Whether or not there are back royalties depends upon the terms of the trust and if the previous trustee was up to date on payments. The operator can let you know how long they paid and to whom. Be ready with the previous owner names and your name and trust name and EIN.

Thank you very much for your information.