Sec 1, 05N, 2W: BP pooling notice, what now?


Received OK Corp Comm hearing notice, attended and looked like no protests. Also received offers to lease from independent land men, although rather low. Anyone else familiar with this initiative on pooling this 640 acres?


The pooling orders for this section were just done on 6/25/18. You have 20 calendar days to send back your answer. I usually pick the highest royalty and the lowest bonus. In this case, that would be the 3/16ths. This will be a two section horizontal well. This is gas territory, so you will not see the big bonus amounts here.
If you need a template letter on how to answer the pooling order, private reply to me and I can send you one.


Thank you!!


As mentioned, received notice today…offered $600 per acre for 1/8 or $500 for 3/16…we took the later. Thanks for advice.