Searching land records New Mexico?

Is there any way for amateurs to search land records in New Mexico, state wide search? TexasFile provides an affordable name-search of all Texas counties going back 100+ years. Search query seems to link to fee-based services for NM. If New Mexico lacks a comparable service like TexasFile, is there a reasonably priced NM alternative?

I want to search 100 years back, my great grandfather wildcatted unsuccessfully in NM & TX, no expectations of finding value, just fascinated to follow his efforts in those years after WWI.

Hi Roy,

Some of the Counties have their indexing available on their own sites but each vary in how far they go back. I have had success doing limited searches and buying/downloading documents from (once again year ranges vary) , hopefully someone else may be able to point you to other options.

As always check the individual county threads here on MRF to see if they have specific tips. Good luck in your search!

thanks, W_Ford, I guess Texas is unusual to to have online TexasFile for all/most of their 254 counties.

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