Searching for a 1031 agent fluent in mineral rights


I'm under contract to sell my mineral rights in Garvin County, Oklahoma. I would like to defer the gain using a 1031 exchange. I'm getting conflicting information from CPAs and tax attorneys, which I feel certain is because I don't live near Oklahoma. I have lined up a 1031 agent but, despite his claims otherwise, I don't think he is fluent in mineral rights. Does anyone have a recommendation of a 1031 agent who knows mineral rights? Thanks in advance.



I've used Petroleum Strategies out of Midland. As their name implies, they specialize in oil and gas 1031 LKEs. Top notch group in my opinion.


Marcus, thanks for the excellent referral. I'm working with them now and find them to have the answers handy (and well-documented) which is a huge relief. Thank you again.