Search 9 &10 5 - 6-sec 9&10 5N-6W

I have been receiving offers for purchase of my minerals in 9 & 10 sec 5 - 6 Grady County OK.

This has in past indicated that there could be an interest in these sections. Can you tell if this might be a possibility?

It is better if you post questions like this in the state and county where you are located. Also, please put the complete description as it is important to have the N/S or E/W on the topic line. I edited it for you and moved it to the correct location.

The answer to your question is “yes”. Camino drilled horizontal wells in both of those sections recently. Rosa Oklahoma in 4 & 9 and Witt in 3 & 10 and Cora Mae in 10 & 15. They left plenty of room for additional horizontal wells. Someone knows something and since there is an uptick in filings in the surrounding sections, something is probably coming.

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