SE Fayette and NE Lavaca County (no) News

I had promised myself that I would stay away until oil got up over $80 again. Well here we are and in addition natural gas is over $5. So I’m trying to get the band back together. Any of the usual suspects still around? To clarify the title, the focus here runs from about Swiss Alp down to Breslau and over to Praha.

Welcome back WI. Time for an old timers reunion tour.

So far the action has stayed a ways south and east of your AOI but at some point those prices are bound to prompt lease play worth speculating about.

Regards to the FSNN.

Long time no hear from! I know its a little of track but there is a rig up between Weimar and Oakland, its just across the creek from our area. lots of leaseing south of Weimar towards New Bielau area too. Maybe they will find and spark up some new activity in the general area!

Do you know how to drive by the lease road entrance? On 155? Interested in the signs. Good to hear from you!

Well being drilled between Weimar and Oakland is:

Calloway Engineering Cathedral Oaks- Koehn #1 PTD: 10,000’

It is a directional well that seems to be targeting Wilcox oil in the Dubina South Field.

John_Moore3: Who is doing the leasing between Weimar and New Bielau?

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