SE/4 Sec. 7, Block C-5, PSL, Reeves County, TX. 160 acres

Interested to know if there is any activity in this area and if there is any production now and what is planned in the future. Horizontal or vertical? I appreciate the information this forum provides. Thank you . Linda


After checking the GIS Map I see where a Horizontal well(API 389-33592) was drilled in Section 8 in May 2013 by Apache Corp./oil well/permitted for 13,500'

Link to completion report on API 389-33592:

Also in Section 17 another Horizontal well(API 389-34147) was drilled in March 2014/completion report shows 772 BOPD/1,362,000 MCF gas per day/very good well. You are in a very good area for future development and production. Good luck with your minerals.

GIS Map of Reeves County Section 7/Block C-5 and surrounding area:

Clint Liles