Scout Energy Acquisition of Linn Wells


I have read that Linn Operating has sold $122M oil and gas assets in TX and OK to Scout Energy Mgmt. TXRRC Production site now lists Scout as operator for our vertical well lease effective APR 2018 but as of today production numbers for APR have still not posted whereas they usually post on the 20th of each month. I called Linn last week to ask if they will still continue paying royalties. I got a not very specific No answer and they gave me phone number for Scout royalty owners. I left a message with Scout with all my specific lease info but my call has not been returned. I am worried that I am not going to see royalty payments the end of this month for APR production. I see all the Linn wells in vicinity of BLK 35 T2N if not all of Martin Co are now operated by Scout. Does anyone have the scoop on what is going on? Will there be a seamless transition of royalty payments? Obviously I would need to set up direct deposit with Scout if they are indeed handling royalty payments. Scout does not appear to be affiliated with Oildex either.