Scott county wI

Hello, I hope wanted to get your thoughts as I live in TX. I bought a 12% WI stake in a single well. The pumper shut it down when oil went less than $60. The pumper runs the equipment to keep everything in working order. Once prices hit $62, it’s coming back online. It consistently did 400 bopm. With the added pressure building up I’m hoping we get good oil >400. Or like to get your thoughts on the area. I could sell today and a lower multiple or wait until prices go up and get in on a good return. I have a low buy price so I could make money either way.

At 400 barrels, my Check should be around $1200 or even at a 30 multiple it should be worth $36000. If you got $10k today or wait to get $36k, which would you do. The operating expenses have been around $15 a month.