Schliecher Bonus rates

Boy, in this forum page it looks dead in Schliecher County. Either that or I don't know how to use this forum. I'm looking to see if anyone knows what bonus' are being paid in this county right now. I have a lease offer and they jumped to $1,200 per acre from the get so I just was looking for more intel. Thanks,

I've got a client with a fractional interest in Schleicher. Landman's initial offer: $300, 22.5%, 3 years. I countered with $1750 and a non-negotiable 1/4. I'm hoping to land in the $1300--$1500 range. I'll let you know how it turns out.

My client's cousin signed for $50 per and 3/16 on a Form 88. He has since retained my services for all future lease negotiations. Luckily, his interest was only 1.66 NMA, so he learned his lesson a lot more cheaply than most folks.

What did you get, if you don't mind my asking?

Ouch, I guess there are still landmen out there that hunt for bargains. After I tell a landman that I'm industry they give up the 1/4 with no questions. Or I ask them if they think that their client would recommend that his or her mom take less than a quarter on a lease, which generally works too. Thanks for the info


Who was it that approached you with the $1200? If you tell me and give me a legal description of your property, I'd be happy to crank it through DrillingInfo and tell you who else is leasing in your neighborhood (assuming you don't already have a subscription).

My guy is with Mesa Ridge Petroleum Land Services out of Abilene.

I ended up taking $1,400 per acre. Only 3.1875 Net acres out of 320 W/2 of sec 9 blk M. Leased to Chisolm, 3 years, no kicker, 1/4th. I don't use DI but get my info from RRC, titleX, Texas File, etc.

Belatedly, thank you very much for the info. I wish I could've used it. Turns out my client's father sold everything he had in Schleicher for a song back in the 80's, but her cousin--the one who took $50 per and 3/16--is your neighbor in NW adjacent Section 18.

Give me a holler if you ever need something you can't find on the RRC, TexasFile etc. I owe you one. And congratulations on the $1400. I called around and wasn't able to find anyone who'd gotten more than $1200.

I have a very small mineral interest in this county, Section 17, Block M. Is anything going on there right now?

I was contacted about leasing my rights, but the offer was extremely low.

Hello Cydney,

The last activity I see in the surrounding area of your A-1017/Section 17 was in Section 9/well # 32968 that was drilled in 2015 and was considered a dry hole.

A permit was approved for well 32969 in Section 9 but not sure that well was ever drilled.

A few plugged oil and gas wells in the surrounding area and numerous dry holes from the past.

GIS Map of Abstract 1017/Section 17/Block M and surrounding area:

Clint Liles