Schleicher County

I can’t find what acreage is going for around Eldorado, Texas. I have seen info back in 2015 for around $1200 but that does seem high for around Eldorado. Thank in advance for any info!

moved this over to Schleicher County, Texas

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If you mean what is land leasing for in Schleicher County, it appears to be $350/mineral acre; the highest is $2784/acre while the lowest is $50/acre.

If you mean selling mineral rights: whatever you can negotiate.

Thank you for the info it’s appreciated.

I have seen the report of someone leasing for $1200/acre and just a few years ago there were several large co paying much more as reported on several public websites. Many large ranches and tough leases. If a Landman can get a lease for more reasonabl terms today then hats off to him. I had at least three diff land teams try to lease in here over the past few years and tough to get much leased