Saving Horizontal well for future production S35-18N-05W

This horizontal well, Engle 18-05-35-1H, was dug but to date no form 1002a has been submitted. Following a great suggestion from a fellow member of this group I did find on the FracFocus website that this Chisholm well was visited on 7/27 to 7/29 without apparently anything being injected. No water was reported injected. The fracturing fluid composition is reported as diatomaceous earth, calcined 50%; water 30%; plus salt and phosphonic acid. Can anyone give an opinion? is the well just not worthy of a good frac or is this a method of putting a well on the shelf for future completion?

I checked the frac focus report, and it looks like they either had a mechanical issue or this was some other operation besides a frac. They probably haven't completed it yet, but be sure they will soon. Chisolm is moving fast and will get it done soon

Apparently subsequent treatment allowed the well to go into production. The 1002a report finally showed up on the OCC web site. The well was completed 8/5; 1st production 8/19 and first sale 8/29. It came in flowing at 300+ bbl/day. The well appeared to be in production when I visited the site in late Sept but there was no available information that I was privy to that confirmed the production. The hacked OCC web site no doubt contributed to the delay.