Sanpete County Utah and the Covenant Oil Field...Please help answer some questions

Hey all I would appreciate any info available. I am in process of buying some land between Fountain Green and Fairview in Utah. My research indicates that this property lies on the covenant oil field. I dug up several articles on the area that listed the drillers that were active in the area. I made calls to about 7 of them and only one returned my call. The one drilling company that returned my call said they were pulling out of the area after 2 dry holes. They were out of Dallas I believe. What I would like to know is (1) What is the current lease rate in this area? (2) Who is or what companies are looking to lease land in the area? (3) Has anybody other than Wolverine Gas and Oil hit anything there? The guy I talked to said the Geology was really tough in the area and that things would probably pick up when and if the technology improves. So (4) Is this a legitimate field and does anyone anticipate good things coming out of this area which is in Norther Sanpete County. Thanks and take care