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I wanted to create this group to explore issues and find owners and others interested in the Central Utah Over-thrust area. Naturally, most of the Utah activity on this board is dealing with the eastern Utah/Wyoming areas where drilling and production has been occurring for decades.

With increased interest in the CUO, and my family's mineral rights there, I figured it was time to get some discussion going.

Rulon, I also have land in your area. I signed with skyline a few months ago. My property is halfway between Fairview and Fountain Green as the crow flys. I think the activity they have planned in the area is dependent upon their ability to attract financing. Skyline in my opinion seems like a honest company and I feel comfortable I leased with them. Hopefully they hit the motherload like they did in Sigurd, Sevier County. The geography looks very similar there in comparing it to where my property is, hopefully the geology is also.

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I agree Frank, that Skyline seems like an honest company. Course, I don't know what qualifies as honest in the mineral leasing game (-:

With Mike Russon's experience in Canada, I believe he can probably be more successful than others that have drilled in that area. I want to help insure that Skyline is encouraged to drill, but I haven't, so far, convinced my brother and sister that it is in our interest to sign the offer we have been presented. We are working on that right now.