SandRidge sells oil, gas properties in Permian Basin


I recently told someone with acreage south of Fort Stockton west of the highway to Marathon that activity was about to pick up around his property. Here’s an article from the PBOG Journal that supports that contention:

SandRidge Energy sells oil, gas properties in Permian Basin Oklahoma City-based SandRidge Energy said Monday it closed two transactions, including the sale of its oil and gas properties, rights and related assets in the central basin platform of the Permian Basin along with 13.1 million common units of SandRidge Permian Trust for $14.5 million to an unaffiliated party. The oil and gas properties consist primarily of low-rate, shut-in wells. (Read more…)

Expect reentry of many of those SandRidge wells south of Fort Stockton and a bunch of horizontal drilling as they open up that part of the Delaware/Permian boundary area…and it will be quite lucrative.

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